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Alfieri was started in the 70's by Domenico Massucco initially to distribute the best quality cheeses and salamis. In the 90',s the Massuccos (father joined by sons Dario and Elena) wanted to sell egg pasta which was as good as that they made and ate at home themselves. Unable to find any, they called in the technical experts and began producing the pasta that you can now buy.

 The finely rolled, delicate egg pasta is made according to traditional Piedmontese recipes (passed down through generations of the Massucco women), using the best quality durum wheat and fresh local eggs.

The tajarin shape is unique to the Piedmont region and is particularly suitable for light summer pasta dishes. Available within the range are Albesi 500g, Fettuccine 500g, Pappardelle 250g, Riccioli with Salmon 250g, Tajarin 500g and more...


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