dixonsAs Rhythm and Vines is the place to be at New Year, so it seems Wellington is the magnet for 19 year old males during the year to 'study'.

Bags packed, faces set south, off we headed to install Thomas into his abode for his new seat of learning. Oh good - hostel is situated right in the middle of Willis street, close to all entertainment, seventh floor quite spacious room with a view and lots of sun, surrounded by sets of attractive girls carrying full length mirrors heading to the lifts, music blasting in the foyer, sausage sizzle in full swing - don't think loneliness is going to be an issue... in fact much of central Wellington looked like it had turned into one big student flat!

floriditasA quick visit to the nearby Floridita's for a sanity break to check out the Rustichella Linguine with Cloudy Bay clam dish, before we headed to the great Briscoes sale, neatly timed to ensure every student room is equipped with clothes line, sheets, lamps - and in our case a beanbag - then back to the room to unpack.

Then we got dumped. Good bye, hasta la vista - orientation is starting - thanks for the gear - text you later.

Nothing else to do really but to go enjoy the fruits of Wellington.

Stunning national museum, great food around town - venison with Valrhona cocoa at the excellent Matterhorn, sage fried eggs at the gorgeous Nikau café, Marianos' sausages at Caffe L'Affare, and handmade Valrhona chocolates at the ever popular Foxglove. It was a busy trip!

martinSunday morning we whipped down to Martin Bosleys' City Markets where we tried his Bulldog sauce which he was pouring liberally over his very popular bacon butties, then moved on to the incredibly priced vegetables in the market outside spotting at the same time a sign for fresh fish pointing towards a boat on the quay.nino

And there was Nino, surrounded by bins piled high with many varieties of well priced fish and octopus glistening with freshness . What a great set up - we could do with him in Auckland.

Then back on the plane to our home - now empty of children. Time to move?