Breakfast - one of the most important meals of the day...

So it was recommended to me, amongst other things, a couple of years ago, to go non-dairy for a while. Lessen the load on my liver, aim for about 4 alcohol free nights a week, up the veggies, maybe add vege juice, do a bit of interval training and regularly take the time to smell the roses.

This worked brilliantly for a while until I let circumstances take over and my course took a bit of a u turn - as it does.

The non-dairy thing I stuck to though, thinking that if nothing else at least I was doing that!

It was easy at first but has gradually become torture and one of the things I have missed most is the Montanari and Gruzza Parmigiano Reggiano.

It is such a great cheese. I really enjoyed watching it being made the first time we visited. The countryside, the big copper vats where they transformed milk into huge mounds of cheese they then tipped into the giant Parmigiano molds, then the cheese room back at the factory where they age looking like big golden orbs under the watchful eye of Signor Montanari senior. It all tasted and smelt rather wonderful as does the end result. Sweet and nutty with a satisfying rich lingering intensity. Not all brands are equal.

Anyhow I decided I'd better do a rejig, take stock, reset the dial and booked a consultation to reinspire me.

Great session and what I took out of it along with a few herbal boosters, was if I got back into practicing the other things, a bit of unpasteurised dairy would do no harm.

So - here I am - delectable golden wedge at the ready.

Have you ever tried free range eggs with a few slivers of Parmigiano-Reggiano accompanied with a few stalks of asparagus (get those greens in!)? Add good toast if carbs and gluten aren't a problem - even a drizzle of truffle oil. Eggs are best poached. Enjoy!