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  • Cheesemonger Chatter- Tenara has arrived!

    HUZZAH! The wait is over. The first batch of Tenara from Kaikoura Cheese has arrived.


    Tenara pasteurised goat’s milk, microbial rennet, 3 weeks old, made in Kaikoura. A mousse paste enrobed in my favourite bacteria Geotrichum, producing a yeasty lactic beauty. 250g

    Buy it online here

    And the first batch of Savvy Washed Rind has arrived also.

    Savvy Washed Rind

    Savvy Washed Rind pasteurised goats milk, microbial rennet, 3 weeks old, made in Martinborough. Washed in Sauvignon Blanc with a peachy orange rind –  has aromas of fresh hay developing more earthy notes with age. 130g

    Smoked Soft Goats Cheese kicks off next Tuesday September 6.

    smoked goats cheese

    Smoked Soft Goats Cheese pasteurised goat’s milk, microbial rennet, 1 week old, made in Picton. Lactic set, lightly salted, matured for 3 days, cold smoked in apple wood for 20 mins.

    On Wednesday I hung out with Amanda and Jacqui from The Drunken Nanny in Martinborough. We knocked about town chatting cheese and launched a cunning plan to manufacture New Zealand’s first Gudbrandsdalsost clone; brown cheese. Watch this space….

    Brown Cheese

    Fun to present Blue Rhapsody and Fromage Blanc at the weekends BIG CHEESE lunch The Grill Sky City Auckland. With 100 ticket holders in attendance, there were plenty of folks loving NZ cheese! I had a fascinating chat with a truffle dog trainer that sniffs out the majority of NZ truffles, they tasted pretty epic on the Croque Monsieur.

    the grill lunch

    5000 tonnes of Camembert AOP was produced last year versus 60,000 tonnes of "Made in Normandy" Camembert. The appellation contrôlée label (AOC) certifys 'Real' French cheese keeping it free of any imposters. Normandy Camembert surprisingly is made in Normandy France and is protected with a AOP - a protected designation of origin. A debate is currently waging with the The INAO (National Institute for Origin and Quality) to try and clarify this situation between AOP and Camembert "Made in Normandy".

    Of the dozen Camembert PDO, only two are fermier - farm cheeses. And all of this mass production of Camembert damages the Camembert de Normandie brand leaving it to no longer mean anything. Read more here..

    By Calum Hodgson, our Cheesemonger

  • Cheesemonger Chatter

    Viva l'italia!!! PROMO PARMIGIANO! Grab yourself a steal on our 200g Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano small wedges!

     Drunken Nanny FamilyCheesemaker Amanda from The Drunken Nanny in Martinborough visited us this week. It was a great chance for her to meet some of our trade customers and talk about our trial cheese concepts we’ve been tinkering with. Watch this space!


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  • Cheesemonger Chatter - Seasonal Cheeses

    KaikouraMushroomShroomKaikoura Cheese Company will be featured on New Zealand’s greatest TV show Country Calendar Saturday October 8. The timing is great, New NZ Seasonal Cheeses are arriving on our shelves throughout September and October. Just in time for NZ Cheese month. Continue reading

  • The finale

    Giusti Acetaia Giusti Acetaia

    One of the main reasons for our journey was a trade fair in Parma, which is an easy way to touch base with some of the suppliers we have gathered over the years.

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  • Amsterdam

    Canal Canal

    This was our first time in Amsterdam. We had booked into an Air BnB and although the streets may be flat, the plentiful internal staircases are not! This is because houses used to be taxed on width, not height. The door opened to our abode straight on to, what seemed to us, two neck breaking sets of stairs which were spiral as well. We immediately enlisted the help of our young greeter and his friend to get our luggage up to the apartment. I'd recommend looking for a ground floor place to anyone heading that way with heavy bags. Continue reading

  • Cheesemonger Chatter: The girls are back!

    I’m cracking a wheel of Brown Cow Parmigiano on Saturday in the retail store; a 30 month Parmigiano Reggiano Solodibruna from Caseificio Sociale Di Neviano Degli Arduini, dairy number 2127. Cracking in-store August 8 2015 at 11:30 am - see you there! The first batches of Flat Whites for the season arrive from the farm this Friday!
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  • Our Parmigiano-Reggiano

     One of the best cheeses to eat and use in the kitchen, Parmigiano-Reggianois high in essential fatty acids – which promote an increase in lean body mass, fat loss, resting energy expenditure. It also acts as a cancer preventative and is recommended as being suitable for the diet of babies, athletes and the elderly. Parmigiano-Reggiano is produced only in the areas of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Mantua and Bologna.

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  • A Band of Merry Cheese

    Nottinghamshire, Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood country – something special must be going on here – ­­­and sure enough it is. This is the home of Stichelton, England's only raw milk Stilton cheese. However it can't be referred to as that because when Stilton applied for DOP status a couple of decades ago, the rule-makers decreed that the milk used for making Stilton must be pasteurised. Continue reading

  • Jerez - Home to Sherry Vinegar

    CapireteJerez de la Frontera: home to our traditional sherry vinegar maker. Capirete is also the maker of our very appreciated Romulo. They are a company of just 6, all family, headed by the oldest proud brother Pedro Paez Lobato, who 'rear' rather than produce their liquid gold. The first evening we headed down to one of the quite attractive squares as the pleasant guy on the front desk at our hotel had drawn a large circle around that area. It was Sunday, well before the normal local eating time of around 10pm, so not a lot seemed open. Continue reading

  • Membrillo in Malaga

    Malaga_churrosWe headed to Malaga to catch up with our membrillo maker, Joaquin Cano, of El Corazon, who we had not seen for fourteen years!

    He thought we should have the classic Malagan-style churros for breakfast - so took us to a crowded cafe which specialises in them. There are a few styles of churro as it turns out - the short fluted northern Spanish one, and then a huge round coil called the Madrileno. The Malagan one was smaller than that and came piled high on a plate, freshly fried in olive oil. Continue reading

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