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Cheesemonger Chatter - 44 wheels of Parmigiano on the whey...

44 wheels of Parmigiano have been ordered, on their whey to Sabato for Christmas.


The surplus of the 44 wheels unable to be stored on site to be held in chillers offsite. I plan to visit the storage facility – a cheesemonger wants to know where and how these babies will be resting!

Alongside the 44 wheels, will be PARMIGIANO REGGIANO “Solodibruna” DOP cheese, extra selected 48 months, 250g fixed weight.

The first batch of the season is due this week!

Fromage Blanc starts its menu domination again. Fromage Blanc pasteurised goat’s milk, traditional rennet, made in KaikouraA fresh whipped goat cheese, it’s like eating a cloud it’s so light.

Fromage Blanc

Tenara  Cheesemongers are categorically zealous. Their counters are their pulpits, and they live to share their gospel.  I have been obsessively preaching about Tenara to anyone who will listen. A veritable New Zealand cheese to envy, Tenara is a new world and old world cheese in one delicious morsel - white as snow, tangy and clean tasting with a nice funky finish. Daniel and Sarah from Kaikoura Cheese are NZ cheese rock stars. The 'it' cheese for Christmas.  It might not be considered in the national interest, but I do think it important that there is a vibrant artisan cheesemaking movement in NZ.


4 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano cracked at 4 Farro Fresh stores last Thursday August 4. #Parmageddon

Farro Fresh

Pork Pies are in-store now! A proper pork pie in the tradition of Melton Mowbray. 300g  RRP: $12.50 each.

Pork Pies

Total eclipse of the cheese via Business Insider Australia – what if the moon were made of cheese.

Cheese moon

Romy cheese I found in a Luxor convenience store on my Egypt visit in 2009. Fond memories of cheese adventure.


'Specific Cheeses' via Nicolas Boulard “forms derived from a cube".

Cheese Cubes

By Sabato cheesemonger, Calum Hodgeson

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