Dan PearsonWhat are your favourite Sabato ingredients and why? Definitely Valrhona white chocolate: it's orgasmic...

What' your favourite thing to cook when you're at home? Casseroles with fresh baked bread.

What makes this a successful kitchen and you a successful chef? The loyalty, dedication and hard work I get from my team.

Best advice for someone wanting to get into a kitchen? Absorb your surroundings, keep records of everything you do and learn, when appropriate ask questions, keep your head down and push on.

What's your guilty pleasure, food-wise? Cheese. With everything. Sweet or savoury? Savoury. Where have you travelled that has inspired you the most? France as a kid.

What's your favourite type of international cuisine? Japanese.

Where are your favourite destinations to dine? Stefano's on Waiheke Island and Kura in Auckland CBD.

Three words that sums up your cooking style? Simple. Subtle. Honest.

What's your ultimate comfort food? Lancashire hot pot with a pint of real ale.

What's your favourite drink? Fuller's London Pride.

How has your cooking style evolved over the years? Dramatically. I've gone from making balls of soup and vegetarian rubix cubes, to a more simplistic style in terms of flavours and presentation.

What's the best thing about NZ food? Mince and cheese pies.

If you could cook a meal for anyone, who would it be and what would you cook? Michel Bras - a nice creamy roast garlic soup with an apple and walnut bread. If you weren't a chef what would you be doing? Stacking shelves at The Warehouse by day. Superhero by night...

What's your signature dish? Pork fat terrine, fresh water crayfish three ways (butter poached tail, powder, and bisque dressing), with a graviche style garnish.

Favourite tool of the trade? Instant coffee.

What's your favourite seasonal produce? Artichokes. Edinburgh Street Bistro 27 Edinburgh Street Pukekohe Auckland 2120 Tel (09) 238 1143 view website