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  • Jerez - Home to Sherry Vinegar

    CapireteJerez de la Frontera: home to our traditional sherry vinegar maker. Capirete is also the maker of our very appreciated Romulo. They are a company of just 6, all family, headed by the oldest proud brother Pedro Paez Lobato, who 'rear' rather than produce their liquid gold. The first evening we headed down to one of the quite attractive squares as the pleasant guy on the front desk at our hotel had drawn a large circle around that area. It was Sunday, well before the normal local eating time of around 10pm, so not a lot seemed open. Continue reading

  • Membrillo in Malaga

    Malaga_churrosWe headed to Malaga to catch up with our membrillo maker, Joaquin Cano, of El Corazon, who we had not seen for fourteen years!

    He thought we should have the classic Malagan-style churros for breakfast - so took us to a crowded cafe which specialises in them. There are a few styles of churro as it turns out - the short fluted northern Spanish one, and then a huge round coil called the Madrileno. The Malagan one was smaller than that and came piled high on a plate, freshly fried in olive oil. Continue reading

  • What's your favourite Panettone?

    Gran MalagaOur showroom is such a lovely place at Christmas. With the smell of panettone drifting around the showroom, every surface covered with festive goodies and Christmas trees twinkling atop of tables we know that Christmas has well and truly arrived.

    All the old favourites are back: decadent chocolates, cuneesi and pralines; artisan turrón and nougat; and sweet, moist panettone - the perfect addition to the Christmas menu - much more suited to our warm weather than traditional Christmas cake. Continue reading

  • Our Festive Favourites

    bex and Over the festive season our showroom is transformed into Santa's grotto, and we are quite sure that Father Christmas himself is sure to feel quite at home amongst all the sweet treats. With so much to choose from it can be quite overwhelming, so we have had the staff, who are well versed on these delectable delights, choose what they want for Christmas from our confectionary range... Continue reading

  • Festive Ingredients

    turkeyWith Christmas just around the corner, it's time to stock up on those festive essentials.

    Minerve organic French chestnuts Organically-produced, cooked and peeled whole chestnuts, ready-to-use straight out of the jar. Perfect for stuffings and classic European desserts - try them in ice cream!

    Darlington's cranberry sauce Continue reading

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