Down in the newly opened (well at least in the last 6 months) section of Britomart, there is a lot going on. I loved Bobbi Brown and their amazing make up a week ago for a wedding, and just a few stores along is Ortolana, where I tagged along for lunch with Mum and Lou: 'you get lunch, you write this blog'.

The entire concept from the dining space to the food on offer reminded me of a much better version of ABC Kitchen in New York. The menu is not just about the food - check out the drinks and dessert menus as well. Try one of their homemade sodas, watermelon is particularly amazing.

fishJo Pearson in the kitchen has created one of those menus where you struggle to pick which dish you want, so we decided not to pick and instead share a number of things: piadina, chitarra pasta, chicken cotoletta, kingfish carpaccio and rib eye. There was nothing we tried which we didn't love. We attempted to be good but could not resist sharing a white chocolate and mint flavoured gelato (skillfully made by the kitchen at Milse). It was divine.

Yum yum yum, now we eagerly await the opening of Milse!

By Helen Dixon.