Minerve organic French chestnuts Organically-produced, cooked and peeled whole chestnuts, ready-to-use straight out of the jar. Perfect for stuffings and classic European desserts - try them in ice cream!

Darlington's cranberry sauce A true cranberry sauce which is both tangy and sweet. Made with only cranberries and sugar. The classic Christmas condiment for turkey, but also delicious with soft cheeses like Pierre Robert or Delice D'Argental.

Sabato Christmas mince pies Made according to our famous secret recipe. Short, crumbly, sweet pastry filled with fruit mince and a generous splash of Brandy.

Fieschi mostarda di Frutta Carefully selected fruits candied in a sugar syrup infused with mustard oil. The sweet and hot flavours of this traditional Italian preserve complement cold meats and cheese, and are delicious with turkey.

Darlington's hot horseradish Full of finely minced horseradish, this festive ingredient is the ideal accompaniment to rare roast beef. Mix with a little creme fraiche and dill and serve on blinis or crostini with smoked salmon.

Chutneys and relishes Summer pantry essentials - perfect for perking up a cheeseboard, panini or barbecue. Julie Le Clerc's Arabian date chutney is delicious with blue cheese or lamb, while Peter Gordon's Famous sweet chilli sauce adds great flavour to barbecued chicken.

Adami Prosecco The celebratory Italian sparkling tipple. Blend with one of the Alain Milliat fruit nectars for a deliciously refreshing cocktail - we love peach (for a classic Bellini) and raspberry or passionfruit.

Crackers and bread sticks For when unexpected guests turn up. These can be topped with anything - try a bruschetta, olive paste or pesto, or dollop with aioli and pop an anchovy with a caper on top. Wrap bread sticks with prosciutto or serrano.

Panettone Celebrate Christmas the Italian way with one of these light, buttery, fruity cakes. These are almost sold out - don't miss out!

Masoni panforte Dense and fruity, this is another traditional Italian specialty from Siena. Dust with icing sugar and cut into thin wedges, and serve with coffee, tea or dessert wine, or on a cheeseboard.