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  • Happy New Year!

    CumulusIt was really a treat, after the busy list of what needs doing to get to Christmas Day, to jump on a plane and head to Melbourne for New Year to celebrate a couple of birthdays - one a milestone age - and catch up with other friends we see far too infrequently, one of whom is facing health issues.

    Melbourne is such a lovely city and late bookings for New Years Eve meant we ended up at Cumulus for lunch and then Cutler & Co for dinner - both of which belong to chef Andrew McConnell. Continue reading

  • Festive Ingredients

    turkeyWith Christmas just around the corner, it's time to stock up on those festive essentials.

    Minerve organic French chestnuts Organically-produced, cooked and peeled whole chestnuts, ready-to-use straight out of the jar. Perfect for stuffings and classic European desserts - try them in ice cream!

    Darlington's cranberry sauce Continue reading

  • Pinoli Pine Nuts


    Thirty-one steps from tree to packet - some of them secret...that's what we found when we slipped into Blenheim to visit our 'Mr Pine Nut', Lee Paterson. It's literally a straight 30 minute drive from Renwick, though if you were going on a Sunday, should the urge take you, you could stop at the naturist park on the way for a spot of nude golf.

    Since it wasn't Sunday, we drove on to see the 13,356 pine trees Lee planted in 1998 and 1999. This is not the only spot Pinoli grow trees Continue reading

  • Chef Interview: Sid Sahrawat / Sidart


    sidartWhat are your favourite Sabato ingredients? Caraibe chocolate,  Forum chardonnay vinegar, boquerones, snails, Amarelli liquorice powder - all of these ingredients are of the highest quality and are ideal for my style of cooking.

    What's your favourite thing to cook when you're at home? Roast chicken or steak with pasta. Continue reading

  • When in Rome

    romeSurprisingly Rome, though a beautiful city with a history lesson at every step, has been slow to expose its culinary gems. Many seasoned travellers agree that it is a challenge to find somewhere good to eat here and the place is chockablock full of restaurants so there is no lack of material to experiment with.

    This trip we finally made progress! Continue reading

  • The Source of our Salami

    pedrazzoliThirty one days, 15 changes of accomodation and 5500km later, we are back to share with you our tales - and to tell you more about the ingredients you enjoy.

    Our sourcing trips are best described as snapshot tours of places. As they have a business rather than holiday purpose (we know they sound like enviable jaunts but you only get the best bits!) we often spend only a day, sometimes two, in a lot of different places, some of which are very picturesque. Continue reading

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