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Michelin star

  • Noma

    nomaFrom our distant shores, most of the 'World's 50 Best Restaurants' seem quite far removed for us. Considering we have also found a fair number of the fashion for foams, spheres, leathers and soils a bit underwhelming flavour wise and having never experienced 'El Bulli' (the home of it all), we approach a visit to one such establishment - whose owner sprang from there - with some degree of cynicism. Continue reading

  • Putting on the Ritz in London

    naanMy dear Father joined us at the end of our time in Barcelona and after a short trip to Valencia, we headed to London.

    In each of these cities he has kindly reminded me that as I have now finished my degrees I must start thinking 'career'. This of course spiked in London, the most popular Kiwi OE destination and also the home of a few of my expatriate friends who are all doing quite well for themselves. Leaving aside the demands to begin job hunting (hey, if any of you have a fabulous marketing job from September onwards, feel free to send it through), we of course did some very good dining. Continue reading

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