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  • Sicily - visiting Tenuta Rocchetta

    shotEleven generations of Pierluigi Crescimano's family have grown olives and grapes on a site in Castelvetrano, near the ancient temples of Selinunte, where we source the elegant Sicilian extra virgin olive oil Tenuta Rocchetta. Trained as an agricultural economist, it is only since 1996 that Pierluigi and his family have bottled the oil under their own brand, winning a major prize in that first year and gathering another 149 since then.

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  • Our Italian Travels


    SalvagnoJetlag and small delays become irrelevant when faced with the challenge of an Icelandic volcano as a travel barrier. So, we experienced feelings of great relief when our plane made the final approach to Milan airport. This was possibly heightened by the hands clasped in fervent prayer by a woman in her late 70s from Naples who, with her 88-year old sister, were my row companions during the flight. And no, they were not at all 'elderly' - the 88-year old swept the young airport assistant aside with a derisive turn of her hand when he dared to offer her the use of a wheelchair. Continue reading

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