May's all time favourite are the Rhum Cuneesi as "who can stay away from rum!" These are always in her Christmas basket, and May thinks once you try them you will be hooked. Coming a very close second is a new product on the Sabato shelves - the Vicens Torta Guirlache de Almendrawhich is "amazing - the best nougat ever, with just almonds and honey it looks so elegant on the table".

Mince piesDana fancies herself a bit of a Christmas mince pie connoisseur, normally making her own and taste testing any she can get her hands on, but she thinks those from the Sabato kitchen are by far the best. "The texture of the pastry is perfect and the fruit mince the best it has ever been... I think about them when I go home at night".

The Cudie chocolates are Neil's favourite Christmas treats "they are the perfect gift, they look fantastic and taste twice as good!" There is a flavour everyone - Neil's favourite is the lime, which he thinks looks like a cute hatching duck egg (is that a good thing, we don't know!?)

Anna loves the Cudie Turrón de Catànies, which she "could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner". And to justify it "think about how healthy it is, gluten-free and so much fibre from the nuts!".

The Vicens Naranjines are Robyn's favourite as they are"not too sweet, with a nice fruity inner and thin crunchy chocolate outer - a lovely snack". She also loves the El Lobo Turrón De Jijona, high on the list for its beautiful almond flavour and lovely soft, grainy texture - "it's slightly dry on the palate and just the right sweetness; perfect if you like almonds and easier on the teeth than some brittle nougat".

natashaAfter much deliberation Natasha's favourite is the chocolate covered rhum nougatfrom Cuba Venchi, because she doesn't like rum! "I don't like rum, but I love this; It's turned me onto something I never thought I would like so it's got to be good. It's so rich, with layers of different textures and flavours... cream, nuts, rum, chocolate - perfect". She also loves the Vicens Turrón Blando Crujiente for it's "flakey and fudgy, melt in the mouth texture".