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  • Valencia - Home of Paella

    paellaPhil arrived to end my lone funding of Helen and her fabulous tastes (a bundle of Mac makeup, nails, gym, hair and a very necessary-for-winter-and-it's-half-price-and-I've-passed-my-exams reversible luxurious coat later) and so we ended our Barcelona mother/daughter and quite-a-few-friends time and carried on to Valencia - home of paella, oranges and Santo Tomas, our Bomba rice supplier. Continue reading

  • Cuisine Artisan Awards

    awardsNothing like a full on day of fabulous flavours combined with a bit of fun.

    I had a great time judging the Cuisine Artisan Awards late last year and would like to congratulate not only the final ten winners and the Supreme Winner - the distinctively different and delicious Quina Fina tonic water - but all those who Fiona Smith, the chief judge, selected. It was a tough call to narrow it all down for us as there was a lot of close competition. Good on you all, you are doing some great things! Continue reading

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