naanMy dear Father joined us at the end of our time in Barcelona and after a short trip to Valencia, we headed to London.

In each of these cities he has kindly reminded me that as I have now finished my degrees I must start thinking 'career'. This of course spiked in London, the most popular Kiwi OE destination and also the home of a few of my expatriate friends who are all doing quite well for themselves. Leaving aside the demands to begin job hunting (hey, if any of you have a fabulous marketing job from September onwards, feel free to send it through), we of course did some very good dining.

After weeks of Spanish food we decided to do typical London with...curry! Shezan is located in Knightsbridge and offers good Northern Indian food in a very traditional atmosphere. Don't go past the garlic naan bread!

ritzOne of my very hard working kiwi friends had studied at Le Cordon Bleu in London, and after graduating, Adam has spent the past couple of years in the kitchen at The Ritz. This very traditionally English dining experience is not to be missed. The dining room is based on the style of Louis XVI and is stunning. Adam had come up with an interesting menu for us (once Dad informed them he does not eat peas or cucumber) and we enjoyed a fabulous lunch.

We also dined at Michelin-starred Hedone, run by former lawyer turned chef/food blogger Mikael Jonsson (check out The blog is actually really funny as he is a very honest Swede and clearly cooks for passion, not for those out there who think ordering well done steak in a restaurant is acceptable. We dined with a view into the meticulous and silent kitchen where every dish was checked and most were plated by Mikael.

hedoneThe food is fabulous: duck en meurette, fillet of sole, 55 day-aged beef (nb: medium-rare), desserts and then a very surprising ending with divine examples of both macaron and canelé. This meal was filling but light at the same time, with intricate flavour pairings and a gorgeous dining room.

If after all that food you would like to know where to find a good drink, my lovely fashion friend Vanessa took me to Kosmopol on Fulham Road. Excellent cocktails, but priced to suit the local population - not our struggling Kiwi dollar!

Allpress in Shoreditch, completed our London journey, where after weeks of bitter and vile coffee, we finally had a flat white we could enjoy and also caught up with former Sabato marketing whizz Hattie. Now a newly-hired London marketer! It was such a nice end to our trip.

allpressCatch you again soon London - when it is time to enter the grown up world (oh dear!).

By Helen Dixon.