Small indulgences can provide you with a lot of pleasure really.

My daughter's very specific instructions (and if you know Helen you will know exactly what I mean - she's a Virgo - so made able to issue direction with ease!) were:


Ok, ok darling daughter of the latest generation to own the world. If people really want to know what we eat and why, we'll tell them occasionally. The worst thing that can happen is that my mother might decide to move in to monitor my eating!

And so it was that I found myself with a packet of sliced Bellota jamón and lunchtime on my hands...

Now Bellota is the pinnacle of Spanish, and indeed possibly anywhere's, cured pig. It does not come cheap, but actually as we sell it sliced vac packed in small amounts, it can be an affordable treat, and the flavour and power of this jamon means you do not need great amounts of it anyway. Plus I was going to have to share the packet.

Hmmm, delectable on its own - well maybe with some toasted Marcona almonds and a small glass of chilled Sherry - but this was a little early in the day for that - I wondered how compromised it would be in a sandwich.

And so it happened that grainy bread buttered with nice hardboiled eggs mashed with a spoonful of Sabato aioli layered with a couple of nice green lettuce leaves adorned with Iberico Bellota does indeed a civilized version of the celebrated sandwich make.