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Valentine's Day Poems

Valentines_Poems[2]Just before Valentine's Day we ran a competition on Facebook - pen us a Valentine's Day poem and one lucky wordsmith would receive a hamper of sweet treats. With so many great entries we chose the winner out of a hat, but here are some of our favourites...






Oh Valentine, sweet Valentine Wouldst thou ever be truly mine? Bewitched and beguiled to sit a while Lusting and drooling the Sabato style Of ...rare treats and dainty fancies Such a gastronomic gourmet pantry For twenty one years you have been my lover How could there ever be another? ___

Valentine Day is only fun, If in fact you have someone. Please give me your generous prize, So I';m not left to dry my eyes! ___

Your eyes are like fire red as the flames, Your lips are like water blue as the sea, Your hands are like silk soft as can be, Your smile is like a angle looking down upon me, Your life is like a rose smelling as sweet as can be, Your love is like a dolphin swimming through the deep blue sea, Your love is like a tree growing as strong as it can be, Your love is so sweet because it is with me. ___

Nearly 6 years since I met my Valentine, Us getting engaged, I felt never in my mind.. But finally out of the blue my wish came true And my Valentine wishes to say I do too! (He proposed last Sunday.. YAY!) ___

Your laugh is infectious, your wit sharp, giving is what you do with all your heart. You're a fantastic dad with patience, fun and energy to boot. Valentine's Day is but once a year, my love for you runs deep and is yours my dear. ___

My throat is sore and my eyes are damp, I'm sick and you are away on school camp. I'm glad you'll be home on Valentine's Day, Hopefully I'll have given these germs away! ___

Romantic treats may come and go, True love cannot be lost, Life hands us all the good and bad, Yet the spark need never cost. ___

A short-wee rhyme for Valentines? I don't mind if I do: I'll steer away from trite cliché - Let's picnic, me and you!

A loaf of softest sourdough With piquant blue-vein cheese Some glossy stuffed green olives A gentle kissing-breeze;

Rich tapenades, and sundried toms A flaky salmon-side; A gingham rug, some velvet-grass And gentle lapping-tide;

And for dessert? Perhaps some cake! All icing-sugar-peachy Enamel plates and pouring-cream Our toes all sandy-beachy;

We'll watch the sunset, after that Full, tipsy and contented We'll raise our bubbly-glasses Feeling truly gooey-centred. ___

You are my lover and my life and one day my wife, My lover my friend and each morning I cant wait to see you again. ___

Your eyes so blue, Your heart so true, You are my world, I would be lost with out you. ___

Mrs Darlington, I can see, Has made a curd with love, for me! __

Forget roses are red, violets are blue, Nothing comes close than the love I have for you