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What's your favourite Panettone?

Gran MalagaOur showroom is such a lovely place at Christmas. With the smell of panettone drifting around the showroom, every surface covered with festive goodies and Christmas trees twinkling atop of tables we know that Christmas has well and truly arrived.

All the old favourites are back: decadent chocolates, cuneesi and pralines; artisan turrón and nougat; and sweet, moist panettone - the perfect addition to the Christmas menu - much more suited to our warm weather than traditional Christmas cake.

From our longterm boutique maker Flamigni come the elaborate panettone which momentarily grace our showroom shelves every year. Choose from the traditional option with candied orange and raisins, or try the Glassato or metallic wrap - all with a crunchy, nutty sugar glaze.

For an array of delicate candied fruit try the fabulous Contadino with candied pear, apple, peach and apricots in place of the traditional raisins - or for an intense citrus hit the Mandarino with a dough rich in candied Ciaculli mandarin is a real delight. The boxed ones containing chocolate and either cherries, citron, pear, figs or apricots are also very tempting...

This year we have two very decadent additions to the Flamigni range... Gran Fondente coated with dark chocolate, topped with chocolate pieces, and shot with a chocolate cream; and Gran Malaga coated in dark chocolate, topped with sugar crystals and filled with Catalan cream and raisins. A fabulous addition to your festive feasting.

From Sicily, the Fiasconaro family steep the fruit in their panettone in Zibbibo and Marsala wine and add famous Sicilian honey to their dough. These delicious panettone are stylishly handwrapped in striped coloured paper. The traditional option has sultanas and fresh candied orange and has no glazed topping. The Mandor d'Avola featuring the famous almonds from the town of Avola is topped with glaze and for a distinct hazelnut flavour, try the Nocciole. There is also the Cioccolato for the chocolate lovers, with the addition of chocolate drops and glaze.

Our favourite one? It changes daily! If you can't decide then just choose the one whose wrapping or ingredients appeals most as all this selection are superb.

What to do with left-overs if you happen to have any? These panettone actually keep well, but they also make the most amazing bread and butter pudding!