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  • Barcelona - always a pleasure!

    Casa BatlloIt's always a pleasure to go to Barcelona!

    Having spent three weeks there with Helen, our daughter, last year and not spoken a word since, my Spanish was more than a little rusty, but the Catalonians mainly speak their own dialect anyway, so it doesn't really make much difference. Continue reading

  • London

    Scotch EggWe started our buying trip in London for a few days, which turned out to be a beneficial stop as Phil, who had broken his wrist badly and cracked a vertebrae just after New Year on a fishing trip (no fish caught that day!) had also developed a frozen shoulder, which had made some question the wisdom of our trip. But the call of London, a chance to see our daughter Helen, who is now working there, and an invitation to go and see the back workings of Neal's Yard - a famous cheese mecca, and dine at a place or two was too tempting not to try and we figured we could always come back early.

    Continue reading
  • Happy New Year!

    CumulusIt was really a treat, after the busy list of what needs doing to get to Christmas Day, to jump on a plane and head to Melbourne for New Year to celebrate a couple of birthdays - one a milestone age - and catch up with other friends we see far too infrequently, one of whom is facing health issues.

    Melbourne is such a lovely city and late bookings for New Years Eve meant we ended up at Cumulus for lunch and then Cutler & Co for dinner - both of which belong to chef Andrew McConnell. Continue reading

  • Letter from Spain


    Pons Extra long travel times, lost luggage and colds punctuated our recent journey to Spain, but we travelled widely, saw a lot, and ate and drank, on the whole, extremely well.

    Would you like to know more?


    Go there! It is one of the most civilized cities in the world - but it has a special magical touch all of its own. Continue reading

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