A glossy sauce of vibrant flavours with a kick. Made with quality ingredients and produced in small batches in our very own kitchen, this sauce is extremely versatile.


  • Dollop over roast chicken, grilled sausages or barbecued skewers of beef
  • Fantastic accompaniment to egg and pancetta breakfast dishes
  • Delicious served with a cheese omelette, potato frittata or sweetcorn fritters
  • Drizzle over crispy skin duck breasts and serve with a fresh slaw on the side
  • A complimentary dipping sauce to seafood, particularly seared prawns and scallops, roast salmon and crumbed calamari, rice paper rolls or tempura
  • Combine with equal quantities of Sabato egg mayonnaise to make a dressing for seafood salads
  • Use as a glaze for roast pork loin, chicken portions or a side of salmon
  • Drizzle over banh mi or through a beef fillet salad


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