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Bombons Cudié


Cudié is a family business of craftsmen, devoted to producing delicious varieties of chocolate bonbons. The company has continued its traditions of hand-made production for over fifty years, using secret recipes to create delectably moreish sweet treats. The range uses only the finest Marcona almonds, praline and cocoa.

Their unique style of Spanish turrón (nougat) does not contain egg whites. Instead, it has a creamy vanilla-infused milk base. Full of caramelized Marcona almonds and Cudié’s secret recipe nut praline, and dusted with cocoa it ‘sparkles’ in the mouth.

Catànies, whole caramelised Marcona almonds or Mini Catànies, fragmented almonds, smothered with Cudié's secret recipe nut praline, then dipped in chocolate and dusted with cocoa are a perfect bite sized blend of chocolate and the Mediterranean. Both are beautifully packaged and make a gift that is sure to impress.

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