Poaka Finocchiona

Poaka Finocchiona


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Traditionally fermented and matured pork salami with a sweet fennel note. Made with free-range, acorn and sweet chestnut finished, heritage breed pork.

Please note, Poaka cured meats do not require refrigeration, however storing below 5°C will maintain the quality of the product for a longer duration of time.

Meat: Pork
Origin: New Zealand

The name ‘Poaka’ translates to “Pig” in the Māori language and was chosen as the company is truly dedicated to producing the finest pork products with the greatest respect to the animals and the land. A true ‘Paddock to Plate’ producer, Poaka sustainably breed exclusively free-range heritage pigs (Tamworth’s, Berkshire’s and Wessex Saddleback) on their own farm in Aylesbury, just west of Christchurch, feeding them on a delicious diet of acorns, sweet chestnuts, grass and other foods growing naturally in the pastures, foraged by the pigs. The saying “you are what you eat” rings true with Poaka’s pigs and it shines through in their products. They handcraft a unique range of melt-in-your mouth, traditional style, artisan salumi; cured, fermented, and air-dried salami, dry cured pork, dry cured bacon and fresh sausages.



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