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Leone Mandarin Pastilles

30g box
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Pastilles flavoured with mandarin (tangerine).

These 'pop in the mouth' Italian sweets take their name from Giovanni Pastilla, a skilled confectioner, loved by the Medicis.

Gluten-free and vegan.

Leone sweets came about during a time of much change in Italy. Not only was there a unification of various states in Italy in the mid 1880’s to form the country as we now know it, but also an enthusiastic growth in entrepreneurial business.

With sugar more accessible, the burgeoning city of Turin went from being a notable capital to being the capital of sweets and confectionery. Leone was established in 1857 and it was soon considered a necessity to carry a selection of their flavoured sweets. In fact, the Prime Minister of the time, Monsieur Cavour, insisted on carrying a “little box of delicate, fragrant and gummy violet candies” with him.

Infused with natural flavourings and made with only the highest quality ingredients, Leone sweets will have your taste buds tingling for more. They not only taste gorgeous, but the packaging is stunning, with the pastilles in art-deco styled tins and the individual sweets wrapped in colourful wrappers.



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