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  • We will be using one door for both entry and exit to ensure minimum surface contact.
  • Upon arrival, please sign in on the register provided with your name and phone number (for contact tracing purposes).
  • Sanitise your hands before moving into the store. Gloves will also be provided, should you wish to use them.
  • Please ensure you are maintaining a minimum 2 metre distance between yourself and others and avoid contact at all times. As a precaution, please refrain from visiting us in big groups. 
  • We will be limiting our in-store customers to 10 people at any given time
  • We will not have products out to taste or be serving coffee for the time being.
  • Only touch items you wish to purchase. If you would like further information, please ask our staff. 
  • When checking out, stand behind marked lines by tills to maintain appropriate social distancing. 
  • Contactless payment is preferred. If your card limit is $80 for Paywave, we will be happy to split your payment to avoid contact with keypads. 
  • We have regular cleaning schedules in place and the hygiene standards essential to maintain safe and healthy premises for our customers and staff. 
  • If you have any flu-like symptoms, please stay home.
  • You will see our staff members providing the best possible Sabato experience. Please be patient as they endeavour to serve you efficiently while following government-recommended health and safety measures.

Our 'No-Contact Pickup Service' Instructions (available Monday to Friday)

When placing your order online, ensure you have selected 'pickup in-store'. Please place your orders by 11am to secure pickup on the same day. You are welcome to pick up your order between 12pm - 4pm.

Please ensure the below instructions are strictly followed for a safe pickup.

1) When you arrive, please open the boot of your vehicle and return inside your vehicle. 

2) Call us on 09 630 8751 (EXT 2 - retail store) to advise our team of the name your order is placed under and that you have arrived. 

3) A team member will bring your order and put it directly into the boot of your vehicle, and shut the boot ready for you to drive away safely. 

If you are on foot, please follow these instructions for pickup.

1) When you arrive, please stand a minimum of 2m away from our pickup table at our door. 

2) Call us on 09 630 8751 (EXT 2 - retail store) to advise our team of the name your order is placed under and that you have arrived. 

3) A team member will bring your order out to the table. Once our team member is 2m away from the table, please pick up your order. 

*If you have ordered any alcohol, a team member may ask you to present your ID. Please have this ready and your vehicle windows shut. When asked, please display your ID against your vehicle window for our team member to verify. 


Courier Deliveries (available Monday to Friday)

Please note courier deliveries are taking longer than usual due to high demand across the nation. 

If you wish to purchase products for local delivery that are currently available in-store only, please call us on 09 630 8751 or email info@sabato.co.nz.

Local deliveries can be made using Pace couriers, delivery charges will vary dependent on delivery location. Please contact us for details.