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Ines Rosales


In 1910 a woman named Ines Rosales started to make olive oil tortas (tortas de Aceite) by hand and sold them at the train station in Sevilla. Soon she could not keep up with the demand, so she employed the women of the local village to assist her in producing these delicate and crisp treats. She used local ingredients including extra virgin olive oil. In a short time this Andalucian specialty became known and enjoyed throughout Spain.

Today the tradition continues. Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil tortas are still made by hand with the same recipe Ines Rosales created almost 100 years earlier. Women from the local village are still employed to hand-flatten and hand-wrap the tortas that are baked in small batches.

These delicious tortas come individually wrapped in packs of 6. They do not contain any additives or preservatives, and are made with unbleached wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, cane sugar, baking powder, sesame seeds, and salt. There are two varieties. The sweet olive oil tortas are infused with anise oil and dusted with anise seed, and the Seville orange tortas are flavoured with natural orange essence and sprinkled with crystallised Seville orange.


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