Cartwheel Creamery Opiki Ma

Cartwheel Creamery Opiki Ma

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A soft white rind, goat's cheese with a distinctive velvety texture. This cheese will soften with age - if you don't eat it all at once that is!

Cartwheel Creamery are an artisan cheese-making company from the Pohangina Valley. Owned and operated by Adrian and Jill Walcroft, Cartwheel Creamery is committed to producing outstanding New Zealand cheese using the best milk on offer from local, Manawatu farms.

Milk: Goat
Origin: Pohangina Valley, New Zealand

Please read our terms and conditions for chilled freight when ordering cheese. We cannot deliver chilled goods to Rural Delivery addresses.

Cartwheel Creamery was founded in 2011, by husband and wife team, Adrian and Jill Walcroft. Located on their twelve-hectare farm in the beautiful Pohangina Valley, in Manawatu. Cartwheel Creamery is an artisan cheese-making company on a mission to make outstanding cheeses that reflect the natural goodness of their valley.

They believe that the very best cheese can only be made with high quality milk from healthy animals, sourcing their Jersey and Friesian-cross cow's milk from local dairy farmers and their goat's milk directly from a farm in Opiki. The milk is pasteurised using a gentle batch process to ensure the maximum goodness of the raw milk is retained. Only cheese cultures, rennet and salt are added to the milk to produce young cheeses that naturally mature to develop a complex flavour profile that varies with the seasons.

Cartwheel Creamery’s unique cheeses are made using bespoke recipes that combine traditional, time-honoured methods with modern safe food practices.



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