Giuliano Tartufi Soy Sauce with Truffle

Giuliano Tartufi Soy Sauce with Truffle

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Giuliano Tartufi has elevated traditional soy sauce with the luxurious flavour of truffle.

Use as a seasoning for chicken, beef, rice and vegetable dishes or simply serve with sushi, sashimi or dumplings.

Giuliano Tartufi (tartufi meaning truffles) is the lifelong passion project of Giuliano Martinelli, who as a child, would go into the woods every morning with his trusty dog sidekick to hunt for truffles. Since 1991, Giuliano has devoted himself entirely to sourcing and processing fresh truffles, from a small laboratory in Pietralunga, in the Umbria region of Italy, using refined, artisan methods.

He handpicks the best truffles from a select network of truffle hunters throughout Italy, bringing only the highest-quality black and white truffle products to the market. The company's staff has thirty years of experience and produces a wide range of truffle specialities, including whole, sliced or minced truffles and truffle pastes, butters and powders.

Giuliano Tartufi's goal is and always has been, to share their passion for Italian truffles and the culinary traditions of Umbria, with the world.



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