Golden Hills Dukkah

Golden Hills Dukkah

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A delicious blend of crunchy toasted New Zealand walnuts, seeds and aromatic spices.

Serve with extra virgin olive oil as a dip for bread, sprinkle over vegetable dishes or as a savoury crumb for meats.

Golden Hills Walnuts, founded in 2003 by Jocelyn and Dennis, began by planting 400 Walnut trees on their 4-hectare block located on Golden Hills Road, Nelson, with the idea that they would like to make walnut oil.

Attracted to the many health benefits of walnuts, their positioning statement was created - 'Heart of Gold' - 'This Golden Walnut Oil, rich in Omega 3, is food for the heart.'

Their trees were grafted in Nelson by River Terrace Nurseries, then new generation Cultivars were selected for their high Oil content, good seal, and to suit the Nelson climate. In 2019, there was a change of ownership, with Neil Pomphrett taking over and continuing to maintain the production of high-quality and delicious products.

In addition to the Walnut Oil, they are also producing the following: Walnut Meal, Walnut Butter, Walnut Halves, Walnut Pieces, Walnuts in Shell and Walnut Dukkah. All walnut products are GLUTEN-FREE with no additives.



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