La Genuina Squid Ink Fusilli Pasta 500g

La Genuina Squid Ink Fusilli

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Handmade pasta from Puglia, Southern Italy, coloured with squid ink.

Try it with seafood or with roasted tomatoes, garlic, chilli and fresh parsley.

Since 1984, La Genuina has made pasta according to the traditions of their land and the recipes of their grandmothers. Situated in Puglia, the pasta is produced using high-quality durum wheat semolina and formed into traditional Pugliese shapes; fricelle, cavatelli and orecchiette and orecchiotte (little and big ‘ears’).

Use of the hard wheat combined with long, slow drying, results in a pasta that holds its shape well and tastes delicious - holding up to almost anything you want to toss it with (or stuff it with, in the case of orecchiotte).



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