Marioluca Giusti Dolce Vita Flute

Marioluca Giusti Dolce Vita Flute

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Italian designer Marioluca Giusti has a cool, contemporary aesthetic that blends timeless design with modern-day durability.

Crafted from clear acrylic, the Dolce Vita Champagne flute mimics the finest cut crystal glassware, but is much more durable for use outdoors or on the boat.

Each flute measures 21cm in height x 6.5cm in diameter and has a capacity of 120ml.

BPA free.

Price is per flute. Stock provided, this product is also available as a boxed set of 6.

Marioluca Giusti recommend the following for their acrylic products:

  • hand wash recommend to extend product life
  • alcohol resistant < 2 hours
  • not suitable for for aniseed-based drinks or strong alcohol, such as whisky
  • not suitable for use in the microwave

Imported to New Zealand exclusively by Sabato, this sophisticated range of luxury synthetic crystal and melamine tableware is the creation of Italian designer, Mario Luca Giusti. It is so easy to appreciate how his birthplace and home, the beautiful city of Florence, has inspired so much of his aesthetic when you see some of his designs.

Marioluca Giusti's designs offer us the best of both worlds: durability and safety with the highest quality acrylic and melamine items, which are also true statements of elegance and style. These beautiful items are ideal for al fresco entertaining whether it be on your deck, at the beach house, a picnic or on the launch.



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