Martin Pouret Raspberry Vinegar

Martin Pouret Raspberry Vinegar

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Perfumed with sweet raspberries, this is very fine artisan-made vinegar, from Orléans, France. Whisk it into our walnut or hazelnut oil and pour over a fresh green salad.

Also available in a 250ml bottle.

Martin Pouret vinegars are from a small production company in the French city of Orléans, nestled beside the Loire River. Fine, perfumed and less acidic than industrially-produced vinegars, these are made by the traditional Orléans method, using selected, high-quality wines from local vineyards.

In the 14th century, the Loire River was an important trade route. Any wines becoming “piqués” (turning bad) were unloaded at the riverside town of Orléans, and delivered to the local artisans, who would use them to produce vinegar. In 1394, a group of Orléans vintners or winemakers developed a continuous method for making vinegar. 240L capacity oak barrels, known as “vaisseaux”, are used as fermentation vessels, allowing natural bacteria to slowly transform the wine into vinegar. After three weeks, 50L of vinegar is siphoned off, and new wine is added to the barrels. The vinegar is then left to mature for one year in their cellars.

Revered by French royalty, the vinegar of Orléans can be called the king of vinegars, and has been awarded a royal patent to protect its quality.

Martin Pouret vinegars are produced by one of a handful of artisans still using the traditional Orléans method. Barrel ageing ensures that the vinegar is less acidic, while preserving the original perfumes of the wine. The delicate aroma of Martin Pouret vinegar is due to the natural ingredients contained in the bottle, which infuse the vinegar with a subtle and refined flavour.



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