Stag Original Water Biscuits

Stag Original Water Biscuits

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Delicious award-winning water biscuits for every occasion

The original water biscuits, is a classic gem which offers limitless opportunities, for the discerning palate. While cheese and pâtés are tried and true favourites, cured meats and other accompaniments would also pair wonderfully.

Since 1885, Stag Bakeries has been an integral part of Scotland's breathtaking Hebridean landscape. Even as the company expands, it remains a family business, cherishing its skilled workforce dedicated to upholding core values. Attention to detail, pride in their work, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction continue to define Stag's ethos.

Situated in Stornoway, their state-of-the-art artisan bakery employs traditional methods and uses only the finest ingredients. Infused with creativity, their award-winning range includes water biscuits, oatcakes, and shortbread, forming just a small part of their extensive selection.

Created with love and baked just for you from original recipes, their products have a known and trusted provenance.



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