Zealong Organic Loose-Leaf Tea ~ Pure Oolong

Zealong Organic Loose-Leaf Tea ~ Pure Oolong

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Zealong’s organic pure oolong tea is sweet with fresh-tasting leaves that haven’t been roasted, bringing out the pure, natural flavour of the tea.

Tea notes:

Dry leaf Tightly rolled silvery, deep green leaf picked from tender bud + 2 leaves
Liquor Pale green/yellow
Aroma Buttery with a hint of vanilla and toasted bread
Texture Smooth and very clean on the palate
Taste Very subtle with intense and very clear head notes with long-lasting sweetness

Zealong teas are hand-picked by only the top three leaves, are certified organic, and grown in the Waikato region in the North Island of New Zealand. Known for its unique climate and growing conditions, these teas are truly special and have won many international awards.



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