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Capsicum Chilli Jam

  • Heat together ½ cup JLC Capsicum Chilli Jam and 2-3 tbsp Giusti balsamic . Toss through freshly-cooked brussel sprouts, green beans or blanched asparagus.
  • Perfect with homemade sweetcorn fritters.
  • Make your favourite meatballs, mini size, and thread them onto long knotted bamboo picks. Drizzle with heated JLC Capsicum Chilli Jam
  • Grease medium or large muffin tins. Line with puff pastry. Fill with a mixture of diced The Salmon Man smoked salmon , and JLC Capsicum Chilli Jam, salt and pepper. Place a puff pastrylid on top. Bake at 180ºC for 12-15 minutes.
  • Fill a platter, small or large, with freshly-smoked seafood such as smoked salmon or smoked mussels. Place a bowl of JLC Capsicum Chilli Jam in the centre and serve.


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