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Emiliani Apple Must Vinegar

  • Use as a dressing for beetroot, beans or asparagus.
  • Use to deglaze the pan when sautéeing veal, poultry, seafood & pork.
  • Place a whole chicken on a bed of roughly chopped carrot, leek, celery and fresh thyme - pour over ¾ cup of stock with 2 Tbsp Emiliani apple must vinegar and bake covered - remove cover to brown the bird at the end of cooking, strain and boil down liquid to sauce consistency.
  • Caramelise onions in brown sugar and add Emiliani apple must vinegar to taste.
  • Sauté prawns, add 2 Tbsp Emiliani apple must vinegar and cook until prawns are pink. Whisk in chopped butter for a delicious butter sauce.
  • Roast leeks or fennel and dress with Emiliani apple must vinegar, walnut oil and currants
  • Sear duck breasts, drizzle with Emiliani apple must vinegar - add to a salad of Sabarot Lentils Puy lentils , Pinoli pine nuts , sliced celery - pile onto watercress and dress with Emiliani Apple must vinegar and Colonna extra virgin olive oil .
  • Make a simple salad with lightly blanched cauliflower florets, sweetcorn kernels, El Navarrico pimiento slices , a little chilli and dress with Emiliani apple must vinegar and extra virgin olive oil .
  • Combine with apple juice or fresh orange juice and marinate pork or fish before barbecuing.
  • Cook with winter fruit and caster sugar in the microwave for delicious stewed fruit.


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