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Riso Viazzo

Since 1500 A.D. the Vercelli region has been famous for its abundance of water and rich soil, perfect for growning rice. For 100 years Riso Viazzo has been a company deeply committed to supporting local Italian farming, with a sustainable model focused on only sourcing from local farmers (within 50kms from the factory) creating a product with zero carbon footprint.

Riso Viazzo has developed a natural secret method to create gourmet pasta using 100% Italian parboiled rice. Riso di Pasta is produced in a coeliac safe factory, 100% gluten-free certified and exclusively non-GMO.

After several stages the rice is transformed into pasta. Through the first part of this process the husk is kept on, and the nutrients, minerals and vitamins from the husk are transferred into the grain itself, and then into the end result - a darker coloured gluten-free pasta with more vitamins and minerals than other pastas. The white dots on the pasta are a natural result of this process.

Where many gluten-free pastas tend to overcook easily, Riso di Pasta maintains the ‘al dente’ texture and taste of traditional pasta. To cook use a generous amount of lightly salted water, and as rice releases more starch than wheat it is suggested to rinse the pasta when cooked. Riso di Pasta also keeps well in the refrigerator for 3-4 days, and can be used in a pre-cook method, cooking to half time then finishing off in the sauce when required.

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