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Tezza Wines


On our most recent trip overseas to visit suppliers and source new products we were introduced to these fabulous wines. Whilst visiting one of our first ever suppliers, Gianni of Salvagno, we had been talking about the delicious local high end wine Amarone (of which Valpolicella is the younger, less complex version) and he felt this particular winemaker offered, as he does himself with his oil, an excellent quality value ratio. And so we were introduced to Vanio of Tezza.

For three generations, the Tezza family have been dedicated winegrowers. Grandparents Giovanni and Virginia launched the family vineyard operation in 1960, and their children, Paolo, Giuseppe, and Renzo carried the family into winemaking. From 1998 on, the Tezza winery has been owned by cousins Flavio, Vanio, and Federico.

This small production winery is based in Verona, in the Valpantena - a valley that lies in a niche between Lake Garda and the arc of the Alps. This fortunate location gives a uniquely temperate climate that is suitable for plants that are more typical of Mediterranean climes, such as the grapevine, the olive tree, and the cypress. The limestone-derived soils of the region are extremely favourable to growing the well-regarded Aramone and Valpolicella that Tezza are known for.



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