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From the town of Agramunt, in Catalonia, North-Eastern Spain comes twenty-first century artisan turrón. The turrón tradition of the town of Agramunt dates back to the year 1741, when it was first documented through letters of noble families throughout the region. Agramunt turrón achieved great recognition during the 19th and 20th centuries and is still renowned for its quality.

Vicens was established in 1775, and generation after generation since they have continued to prepare their turrón in the traditional manner. They select only the best local hazelnuts and almonds and use only natural ingredients selected especially for a good palate. This dedication to tradition and quality has lead to the company’s reputation as a supplier of fantastic product and has earned them several official award recognitions such as the ‘Denominación Genérica de calidad’ and the ‘Indicación Geográfica protegida’ to name but a few.

Nowadays, Vicens offers a large variety of turrón, candies and chocolates made as always, by hand. In addition to the more traditional turrón, they also create some bold and interesting products such as their brittle turrón with pistachios and lemon and a decandent product luxuriously coated in edible gold.

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