When we found out that the top names in Spanish food all love using Sal de Añana salt, we needed to see for ourselves just what Roca, Subijana, Guerrero, Aduriz, Atxa and Berasategui, to name a few, were so enthusiastic about. A visit to Basque country took us to the town of Salinas de Añana, in the ancient Salt Valley, revealing so much more about salt than we could have ever expected. Here, we encountered an extraordinary sight – thousands of platforms or salt pans, channels, wells and storage areas comprising a spectacular, best-preserved, unique cultural landscape. This ancient area has been dedicated to the production of one of the best quality salt varieties in the world, for a very long time. This is largely thanks to an 8,000-year-old underground spring, formed where there was a vast sea over 200-million years ago. The salt crystals are created using all the evaporation powers gifted by nature – sun and wind, with a little bit of traditional intervention by numerous skilled salt workers.

Many of you are already converted to the Sal de Añana 
spring salt and salt flakes and enjoy the convenience of the Provençal herb and salt grinder. We have just added two more fabulous flavour options to our grinder lineup. A garlic and salt grinder, pure salt crystals combined with dehydrated crushed garlic, to season fish, chicken, roasted vegetables, and red meat and a Cayenne pepper and salt grinder for seasoning tomatoes, steak, roasted or BBQ vegetables. We are also excited about the new Sal de Añana salt spray, an innovative way to evenly distribute a concentration of salt, before and after cooking, while reducing excess salt levels. We have found it particularly handy for getting into those hard-to-reach places when cooking a whole roast chicken for instance. Additionally, we now stock 500g bags of Sal de Añana fine salt, ideal for general day-to-day use. 

Salt, we can’t live without it, we sprinkle it, shake it and grind it several times a day to maintain our health and to enhance the flavour of our food – so why not have the best!


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