I have just received the paella kit, ordered on Monday, and wanted to thank you for such wonderful customer service!!

I have friends coming for dinner on Friday and wasn't sure if this would arrive in time, but your wonderful team packed and despatched it in super quick time. Beautifully presented and packaged too.

I only wish I lived closer to you (I am in Whangarei) so I could use you as my corner shop!! Thanks again.

Jane W


A big thank you to Lou!! I visited the store today (which is a treat in itself) and was welcomed by Lou, who invited me and two grandchildren to sample a pasta dish that she had made. Absolutely delicious! Best food store in Auckland.

Mary M


I always make large bowls of salad dressing in the summer using Forvm Chardonnay vinegar. My favourite combination uses a heaped tablespoon of Dijon mustard, a chopped large garlic clove, a sprinkle of chilli flakes and a ratio of half Forvm Chardonnay vinegar to half fruity extra virgin olive oil such as Colonna or Salvagno. For a fabulous citrus flavour, I use Colonna lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil – fabulous with seafood.

Judith Tabron

Restaurant legend & co-host of television series, My Restaurant Rules.

Just wanted to send you a note to say a big “Thank you” for the wonderful hamper you put together for our friend. You did a great job.

It looked fabulous and she was absolutely thrilled and can’t wait use the “yummy” products inside.

I knew I had made the right choice by choosing Sabato, your products, presentation and customer service are first class.

Alex C


I visit Sabato almost weekly and enjoy their fantastic products and service. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I love the way I am offered a coffee when I arrive and it is such a great coffee too.

Kjesten A


I first used Pons sherry vinegar (formerly Romulo) about 11 years ago and it quickly became a favourite ingredient to work with. At Amano, we use this vinegar a lot as it is rich, slightly sweet and obviously acidic but not overpoweringly so. 

- Deglaze a pan with a little sherry vinegar after cooking meat or chicken. Add some stock and aromatics, reduce a little to make a pan sauce. 

- It's great with vegetables and can be used to enhance the flavour of roast beetroot for example, or even to toss through a bowl of fresh tomatoes with black pepper, salt and olive oil when the tomatoes are at their peak. 

- It also makes a terrific vinaigrette which can be used to season chicken, lamb or pork hot off the grill.  

Andrew Hanson

Executive Chef – Amano

I was first introduced to Sabato by Des Harris back at Clooney. We used many Sabato products – like their flavoured oils and vinegars. These were all excellent products and have now become a staple in the kitchen at Soul Bar. My favourite product from Sabato right now is farro. It has been harvested from the hills of Umbria, Italy. You can actually taste the freshness. So much behind the scenes work is created to maximise the taste.

- These nutrient dense grains are so versatile. I've often used farro in soups, salads and risottos. They have a  chewy texture when cooked and taste slightly nutty. 

- Another plus from the grain is that it has great health benefits, which also makes it a clear favourite of mine. 

Apart from the superior quality products Sabato provides, the service is unquestionable. I have had the same delivery driver Griff for the last 8 eight years. He rocks, and is always happy to help!

Gavin Doyle

Head Chef – Soul Bar

My favourite Sabato ingredient for summer would have to be Ortiz anchovies, I like to blitz a couple up with fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Brush half a cos head with a little extra virgin olive oil and heat a griddle pan over a high heat. When hot, place the cos head on the pan and char. Remove from heat, place on a serving dish and then pour the dressing over liberally. Garnish with a few whole anchovies, lemon zest and juice to finish. 

Tom Hishon

Head Chef & Co-owner – Orphans Kitchen

You would think the task of naming your three favourite Sabato ingredients would be an easy one. Despite the fact that I have been using their products for over 20 years now I couldn't get my shortlist any smaller than seven items!

Ferron carnaroli rice cannot be beaten for its 'nuttiness' and the ability to hold its shape. The texture of the larger grain means it is suitable for anything from a simple risotto embellished with fresh NZ truffles through to a very textural version such as my current favourite combination of Milford Sound crayfish, celeriac and Sabato Julie Le Clerc preserved lemon. 

The very first product I remember using from the Sabato range was El Navarrico piquillo peppers. The depth of flavour simply cannot be replicated and they make a great addition to platters but can also be used in salsas. They are fantastic blended with Forvm vinegar and olive oil for a dressing to serve over salads or fish. I think one of the best ways to appreciate their flavour is some char-grilled sourdough spread with goats' cheese and peppers. 

I really struggled to decide on my last ingredient, possibly the Giusti balsamic vinegars, or the crunchy Losada Gordal olives but in the end it would have to be the Pons salted capers. The flavour and texture of these little bursts of goodness are far superior to the brined jars adorning supermarket shelves. Stir them whole through a mayonnaise with some crunchy cornichons, chevril, parsley and tarragon for a great tartare sauce to serve with fish. 

Mark Sycamore

Executive Chef – Blanket Bay

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my very first delivery by Sabato. Beautifully packed and presented. I love living in Tūrangi but many things you can't get here which is a drag. Now I have discovered an alternative. Many thanks, Judith

Judith W




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