Zany Zeus Ricotta

Zany Zeus Ricotta

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Ricotta is an Italian-style cheese made from fresh whey. With a granular texture and a slightly sweet taste, ricotta is very versatile; mash with roasted pumpkin, Pecorino Romano and freshly grated nutmeg before stuffing into orecchiotte pasta, or use to make a quintessentially Mediterranean ricotta citrus cake. 

Milk: Cow
Origin: New Zealand

Please note: Sold in pre-packed containers weighing approximately 350g. Pricing is per kg. Actual weight may vary +/- 50g (the price will be adjusted and refunded accordingly).

Please read our terms and conditions for chilled freight when ordering cheese. We cannot deliver chilled goods to Rural Delivery addresses.

Inspired by the way his Cypriot mother, Lefki, made halloumi cheese, Michael Matsis decided to research the art of cheese making. With a Food Technologist degree under his belt and years of perfecting the art of cheese-making, Michael’s dream became a reality in 2000 when he started up Zany Zeus with his sister Meropi, in Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Initially Michael focused on introducing a traditional Cypriot halloumi cheese to the New Zealand market which was relatively unknown at the time. It wasn’t long before the awards began rolling in and Zany Zeus cheeses, including halloumi and feta became a well-loved and recognised brand in the hospitality industry.

Following increasing demand from customers wanting to buy retail-sized Zany Zeus products, Michael and Meropi decided to open their retail store in March 2012, just up the road from the milk and cheese factory.



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