Girolomoni Grano Duro Linguine

Girolomoni Grano Duro Linguine

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From the pioneers of the Italian Organic Movement. This long thin durum wheat pasta is made using methods unchanged for generations. It has good flavour and texture and cooks to a perfect al dente in 7 minutes.

The pasta is extruded using bronze dies, rather than teflon like commercial pasta, to create a rough, porous surface that helps sauces to cling to it.

Perched on a hill overlooking the rolling countryside that surrounds the town of Isola del Piano, sits a 600-year-old monastery that today serves as a proud and symbolic headquarters for Girolomoni. Previously known as Montebello, this range has been renamed in honour of the founder of the co-operative that produces these top-quality products.

When Gino Girolomoni, then the young mayor of the nearby town began renovations in the 1970s, the area was desolate and alienated. Farmlands had been left to waste, and whole generations had moved to the cities. Patiently however, Gino began to promote initiatives hoping to provide the region with a sustainable economy using traditional organic farming methods. The monastery renovations were completed, and abandoned farmhouses were used to house local farmers while they learnt about organic methods and sustainability. Eventually a mill, a pasta factory and a wooden storehouse were built to accommodate the growth that this pioneering co-operative was generating.

The quality of wheat is key and the area around Isola del Piano is ideal for pasta due to the careful rotation of crops throughout the seasons. This means the soil is always in a condition to produce healthy cereals. Spring water from the hills above the fields is used and some varieties of pasta are bronze extruded to give a coarse feel that adds texture and holds sauce when cooked. In the world of organic pasta production, patience is everything.

More than thirty years on, the Girolomoni brand and the surrounding region have become synonymous with organic farming and Gino Girolomoni is recognized as a pioneer of the organic movement in Italy. The co-operative has continued to grow with over thirty local farms joining and following its principles.



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