La Grande Ruota Traditional White Polenta 1kg

La Grande Ruota Traditional White Polenta

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A medium ground white meal from husk-ripened maize, vacuum packed to retain freshness. This white polenta is made in the traditional bramata style which requires long, slow cooking.

Try making crispy polenta - once cooked, leave to set in an oiled baking tray, Slice into pieces and fry until crispy.

La Grande Ruota is a small family-owned company located near Brescia in Lombardy, Northern Italy. Established in 1853, their polenta is still produced using traditional methods.

They select the best farms within the Po Valley, rich in springs and rivers, for the cultivation of their corn, with drying and storing taking place in their own facilities to ensure the highest quality is maintained at all stages of production. An ancient stone-grinding process helps maintain the integrity of the grain, ensuring vital fibre and nutrients are retained.

The passion for their work and the love and the respect they have for the cultural and food traditions of Lombardy sets La Grande Ruota apart.



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