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Cheesemonger Chatter - new season Cranky Goat cheese

Hey goat cheese geeks, get your new seasons fix of Cranky Goat cheese…now in stock.

The Nag:  Pasteurised goats milk, microbial rennet, 3 weeks old.

Pelorous Pearl: Pasteurised goats milk, microbial rennet, 3 weeks old.

The Nanny: Pasteurised goats milk, microbial rennet, 4 weeks old.









A vertical tasting of Tenara - new seasons Tenara have sooooo much character.


Festival Italiano 2016 is this Sunday 25 September. This year I’ll be cracking a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse and a Parmigiano Reggiano Solodibruna too. Find Sabato at Stall number 2 at the Khyber Pass end of Osborne Street, Newmarket.








Watch this space - truffle beer is coming later in the year to Sabato. Check out the label - pretty pimping eh.


France is preparing to sacrifice 32 of the 53 cheeses protected at EU level by an appellation of origin  in pursuit of trade deal with the US and Canada - read out more here via Libération.











That's all folks!


Calum Hodgson- Sabato cheesemonger.

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