HUZZAH! The wait is over. The first batch of Tenara from Kaikoura Cheese has arrived.

 pasteurised goat’s milk, microbial rennet, 3 weeks old, made in Kaikoura. A mousse paste enrobed in my favourite bacteria Geotrichum, producing a yeasty lactic beauty. 250g

And the first batch of Savvy Washed Rind has arrived also.

Savvy Washed Rind pasteurised goats milk, microbial rennet, 3 weeks old, made in Martinborough. Washed in Sauvignon Blanc with a peachy orange rind –  has aromas of fresh hay developing more earthy notes with age. 130g

Smoked Soft Goats Cheese kicks off next Tuesday September 6.

Smoked Soft Goats Cheese pasteurised goat’s milk, microbial rennet, 1 week old, made in Picton. Lactic set, lightly salted, matured for 3 days, cold smoked in apple wood for 20 mins.

On Wednesday I hung out with Amanda and Jacqui from The Drunken Nanny in Martinborough. We knocked about town chatting cheese and launched a cunning plan to manufacture New Zealand’s first Gudbrandsdalsost clone; brown cheese. Watch this space….

Fun to present Blue Rhapsody and Fromage Blanc at the weekends BIG CHEESE lunch The Grill Sky City Auckland. With 100 ticket holders in attendance, there were plenty of folks loving NZ cheese! I had a fascinating chat with a truffle dog trainer that sniffs out the majority of NZ truffles, they tasted pretty epic on the Croque Monsieur.

5000 tonnes of Camembert AOP was produced last year versus 60,000 tonnes of "Made in Normandy" Camembert. The appellation contrôlée label (AOC) certifys 'Real' French cheese keeping it free of any imposters. Normandy Camembert surprisingly is made in Normandy France and is protected with a AOP - a protected designation of origin. A debate is currently waging with the The INAO (National Institute for Origin and Quality) to try and clarify this situation between AOP and Camembert "Made in Normandy".

Of the dozen Camembert PDO, only two are fermier - farm cheeses. And all of this mass production of Camembert damages the Camembert de Normandie brand leaving it to no longer mean anything.



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