What are your favourite Sabato ingredients and why? Valrhona, because I enjoy the challenge of experimenting with a new product.

What's your favourite thing to cook when you're at home? I like to go to the fish market and buy local fish, then simply serve with vegetables form the garden.

What makes this a successful kitchen, and you a successful chef? The dedication we have to our craft.

Best advice for someone wanting to get into a kitchen? Set yourself goals and strive to achieve them.

What's your guilty pleasure, food-wise? Crispy pork belly skin.

Sweet or savoury? Savoury.

Where have you travelled that has inspired you the most? I was inspired by modern British cuisine when I travelled to the UK. I would love to travel and eat my way through Spain.

Three words that sums up your cooking style? Deep flavour, seasonal and seasoning.

What's your ultimate comfort food? My dad Graeme's Vienna Schnitzel with cauliflower and cheese sauce.

What's your favourite drink? Chardonnay.

How has your cooking style evolved over the years? It has become simpler and more refined.

What's the best thing about NZ food? Having access to such a variety of foods that the four seasons bring.

If you weren't a chef what would you be doing? I would be a builder.

Favourite tool of the trade? A sharp knife. So many chefs have blunt knives, it's annoying!

What's your favourite seasonal produce? Tomatoes, asparagus, corn, and truffles.

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