The Giusti family have been making their superb balsamic using authentic and traditional methods for over 400 years in Modena, Italy – also home to Ferrari, Maserati and Pavarotti. Established in 1598, they still stand today at the top of the balsamic world. Their continued use of smaller wooden barrels, in preference to the more industrial approach, stood the test of time for Giusti with many prestigious awards bearing testament to this.

Claudio, Luciano and Francesca are the 17th Giusti generation following the family tradition. Sabato have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Claudio and his family for the last 20 years and Giusti has been a key brand in our range. On our most recent trip we visited the Giusti family again and shared a hospitable, fun evening of balsamic cocktails, great food and live music.

Because of the excellent quality grapes Giusti source, the juice from the slowly reduced grapes becomes thick, dark and sweet. They then add good quality wine vinegar to the cooked grape must before aging in the already seasoned traditional wooden barrels of various woods including those from cherry, juniper, oak, ash and mulberry. These each infuse the balsamic with its own unique flavour profile and aroma. Giusti have over 1000 barrels in use - 600 of which are over 200 years old and some dating back to the 1600s. As the balsamic ages, the liquid evaporates and the flavour intensifies. Each barrel is then topped up with balsamic from another barrel of different wood. Because each barrel contains a blend of vinegars from other barrels, it is impossible to truthfully determine the age of the balsamic in any one particular barrel.

As part of Sabato’s 25-year anniversary celebrations, Giusti have made a special, limited edition Sabato 25-year balsamic vinegar in recognition of our long and close relationship. This is available now for a limited time only!

We are also celebrating with 25% off the Giusti range, both in-store and online, from 1-14th June 2018 excluding the 25-year anniversary balsamic bottle.



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