Where would the dirty martini, pizza and innumerable other fabulous things be, without olives? We love how the addition of olives elevates a recipe and we have selected the very best traditionally cured and harvested table olives from the estates of Salvagno (Verona, Italy), Losada (Carmona, Spain) and Pons (Catalonia) for Sabato.

Green olives are harvested once they reach full-size, however before they ripen, then they are cured in a brine that has a beautifully balanced salt to bitterness ratio. We offer Losada pitted Manzanilla olives – your classic martini olive, spherical in shape, high oil content, delicate flavour, and nice texture. We also have Losada plain Manzanilla olives, with pit. Losada pitted Gordal olives, are referred to as the queen of olives due to their large round shape, delicate flavour, and firm meaty texture. Losada cracked & marinated Verdial olives have been steeped in garlic, vinegar and spices and are perfect for tapas.

Black olives are picked when fully mature and ripe. We stock Salvagno whole olives in brine, these are the Favorol variety and such a delightful addition to salads and pasta. This same olive features in the Salavagno pitted olives in oil, with the bonus of a fine EVO to use as well. Pons Arbequina olives showcase the tiny, meaty olives that are a Catalonian culinary specialty and are used to produce their best olive oil.

If you can’t decide which olive to choose, we also have Losada Carmona mix olives with Cornicabra, Zorzaleña, Verdial, Cuquillo and Gordal varieties. A fabulous mixture of green, black, and semi-ripe, red and brown olives to enjoy. Salvagno olive paste comprises a flavour-filled blend of organic black olives, EVO, and sea salt. You will soon discover a jar of this is a great thing to have in your pantry – we add it to pizza and pasta sauces, to casseroles and use it as a delicious tapenade.


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