Known as the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the chocolate world and chosen by the world’s finest pastry chefs, Valrhona have been creating exceptional chocolate for eating and cooking since 1922. Based in the small village of Tain l’Hermitage, France, Valrhona is considered by chefs and chocolatiers as the world’s premier chocolate company.

Dedicated to quality, Valrhona controls each step in the ‘Grand Chocolat’ process and own or deal directly with plantations. They have a dedicated buyer who visits the cocoa plantations regularly and works closely with them aiding and advising on the growing and treatment of the cocoa beans and post-harvest procedures.

This attention to detail and selection of the finest cocoa beans at source combined with their unique approach to chocolate making - individual roasting of each bean type, sophisticated blending of beans and long conching (up to 100 hours as opposed to around 7 hours by others) results in an exceptional product.

Valrhona is an intensely flavourful chocolate whose notes linger on the palate. The colour of Valrhona is perfectly uniform, glossy, dense and smooth. The aroma tickles the nose and the break is clean - intensifying the aroma. When you bite into it, you will notice how fine the texture is - creamy but not oily - quite light. It melts slowly, and you find that the flavour grows, intensifies and lingers.

Because Valrhona focus on single-origin chocolate, they can offer very distinctive flavour profiles. One of our favourites is Manjari, a single origin grand cru dark chocolate made from rare cocoa beans from Madagascar giving it a fresh bouquet with red fruits notes and a background of sweet almonds.

You also can’t go past one of Valrhona’s more recent creations, Dulcey. A blonde bombshell with a creamy, velvety texture and buttery, toasty notes with a biscuity flavour and pinch of salt. Simply divine!

Sabato have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Valrhona and as part of Sabato’s 25-year anniversary celebrations, there will be 25% off the Valrhona chocolate range from 1 – 15 August 2018 both in-store and online* (excluding trade).



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