Accoceberry Espelette Wholegrain Mustard 180g

Accoceberry Espelette Wholegrain Mustard

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A wholegrain mustard made with Piment d’Espelette, which adds a gentle smoky flavour.

Try in a sandwich and wraps, serve alongside sausages and meat, potato salads, or use in dressings.

Accoceberry was founded in 1959 by Jean Accoceberry, in the town of Espelette in southwest France, close to the Spanish border. The company was eventually passed on to his son, Pierre, and has expanded to include two shops in the Espelette town centre, a factory and a banquet hall. Sadly, in early 2013 Pierre passed away, but his two sons, Eric and Patrick, have taken over the reins and are the third generation to handle the family company.

Accoceberry's policy is to focus on local producers to support Basque gastronomy and share this both locally and globally. Pierre Accoceberry's personal gastronomic interests have led to the development of a large range of quality products, including the famed Piment d'Espelette (Espelette pepper).



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